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Friday, March 13, 2015

Hey world,

Not sure if anyone is left to read this post but I felt I owed this to anyone who has ever stopped by to read, leave comments and encourage me over the years.

I’ve seen it happen to many of my fellow bloggers, over the past year, that slow descent into silence. Once the momentum slips, it’s really difficult to find the motivation to keep posting again.

Blogging here provided an outlet during the years when I had a newborn and toddler at home. Now that the MCs are turning into a tween and teen (!!), I feel that I’ve outgrown the blog. And after a stint as an expat overseas and the subsequent move back to Sydney late last year, I want to blog about different things, not just food and baking.

So, this is goodbye, but hopefully not forever. There will be a new blog, but I can’t really say when it will appear.

I am thankful for all the happy moments you readers have given me, and truly grateful for the warm, safe, welcoming community I found in the world of food blogs.

Take care, till we meet again somewhere in cyberspace.